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The first blockchain-based Web3 solutions gaming ecosystem, incorporating and creating japanimation licenses.

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What is DEFI ?

Torekko DEFI, is our fully Web3 part offering crypto services to individuals and businesses, based on our $TRK token, our NFTs, and our financial solutions.
The services offered by Torekko DEFI are all focused on openness, transparency, flexibility and speed. 

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Our different branches


Torekko PROD is the artistic production branch of Torekko. Torekko PROD is in charge of the realization of the different graphic charts and the graphic coherence of each branch and game. In addition, Torekko PROD will produce the anime and manga of Torekko and its licenses.

Torekko PLAY is the video game branch of Torekko and is producing the various video games of Torekko (E.g. The Infinite Fortress) and its licenses. As one of the main entitie, making our reputation within the Web 3.0 world, our teams develop the metaverse of tomorrow.

Torekko PAD is the Torekko launchpad. Various projects related to the Torekko themes (Web3, Anime & Manga, Gaming) will be launched on this launchpad. Holders of $TRK and NFT Torekko Originals will have access to these launchpads first.

The first in-game images of "The Infinite Fortress" are available!

The first Triple-A metaverse. Inspired by the graphics of our childhood. With real game mechanics. Designed and built to be played by gamers.

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Discovering Torekko

The creation of Torekko is based on a simple observation:

Companies that did not take the Web turn in the 2000s died.

Those who did not take the turn of Web 2.0 in the 2010 are in agony.

Those that do not take the turn of Web 3.0 in the 2020s are doomed.

We will be your guides to enter Web 3.0.

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