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The first Web3 entertainment ecosystem, incorporating and creating exclusive licenses.

Why can't a metaverse game be ?

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Opening the Web3 revolution to all, to democratise its use

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Open even to multi-chain compatibility, no limits


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Our solutions use the unique advantages of WEB 3.0 technology, such as decentralization and security, to create a unique and reliable user experience.

DEFI Gateway

What is DEFI ?

Torekko DEFI is offering crypto services to individuals and businesses, based on our $TRK token, our NFTs, and our financial solutions.
The services are all focused on openness, transparency, flexibility and speed. 

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As the first tool to discover the Torekko ecosystem, the Torekko Discover platform is your gateway to the world of Web3 entertainment. Token $TRK, roadmap, Q&A, learning… you will find many answers to your questions. 

Our different branches


Torekko is the main entity of our ecosystem, and the parent company. It’s also the blockchain of our ecosystem

Web3 exchange platform that allow users to buy and trade easily crypto-assets and NFTs


Web3 gaming & metaverse platform that integrates Torekko and partners’ licenses

The branch that allocates Torekko resources to external partners to develop and scale on the web3.

The first in-game images of "The Infinite Fortress" are available!

The first Triple-A metaverse. Inspired by the graphics of our childhood. With real game mechanics. Designed and built to be played by gamers.

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Discovering Torekko

Torekko is a contraction of two Japanese words: "Torēdingu" and "korekushon" meaning "Trading Collection", thus forming Tore-k-ko.

Our main goal: Make web 3.0 accessible without imposing it.

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