The attributes of the Torekko NFTs

The Base

There are 4 rarities for the bases:



Common, 90% chance of getting an NFT with this base in a 3 NFT booster



Rare, 9% chance of getting an NFT with this base in a 3 NFT booster



Very rare, 1% chance of getting an NFT with this base in a 3 NFT booster



Ultra rare, not found in a booster

The Decor

The backgrounds of our NFTs are unique to each collection and can be common to several characters.

These sets represent most of the time emblematic places of the japanimation.

All our sets are animated one by one manually by our artists and graphic designers.

Some sets may be rarer than others because they are produced in smaller quantities. There can also be several versions of the same set with major or minor modifications making them rarer (for example, by changing the color of the sky, the season, the weather, ...)

The Character

The overwhelming majority of Torekko NFTs represent living characters or entities.

These characters are all from the world of japanimation.

All our characters are animated one by one manually by our artists and graphic designers.

Our characters can be common to several NFTs while presenting major or minor changes impacting their rarity and statistics. For example, some of our NFTs may change clothes, aura, age, items held, animation, themes, ...


Each NFT Torekko is issued from one license and one season.

A license is a published anime or manga whose merchandising rights have been given to Torekko for the creation of NFT.

Torekko also has its own official license: TOREKKO ORIGINALS

A season is literally a season (Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter) and a year (EX: 2021). The first season of NFT Torekko will be Fall 2021 with TOREKKO ORIGINALS as the first licensee.

Bonus Details

Some NFT Torekko have bonus features.

In general, it is visual details that differentiate them from other NFT Torekko.

These visual details include:

  • Airdrop ParachuteCorresponding to a special distribution

  • Logo or distinctive sign from a Torekko partner Corresponding to a partnership between Torekko and another organization

  • Anomaly in the animation or in visual details Corresponding to very rare versions of some NFTs

  • And many other more or less discreet details!


In the Torekko metaverse, NFT collectibles will correspond to playable characters in the game. Each character has its own stats that will affect its skills in the game.

The statistics are as follows:

  • Attack
  • Special attack
  • Defense
  • Special defense
  • Speed
  • Life Points
  • Type(s)

The total number of points divided between these 6 statistics depends on the character's base.


01Torekko Originals

License 1

02Coming Soon

03Coming Soon

04Coming Soon

05Coming Soon

06Coming Soon


QI 2021Torekko project ideation and start of developement

Q3 2021Torekko's entity, Team Advisor Formation completed

Q4 2021End of fundraising and preparation for the release of $TRK

01/01 2022Launch of New Torekko Token $TRK (BEP-20)


JAN 2022- Staking Token
- New Graphic Style
- Trailer 1 Metaverse

FEB 2022- NFTs & Farming
Staking LP
- Trailer 2 Metaverse

MARS 2022- NFTs Founders Edition
- 1st Season Licensed NFTs

APR 2022Launch Torekko Mobile App


MAY 2022- Launch Beta Metaverse with the 1st level
- Torekko Lands

JUN 2022- 2nd Season Licensed NFTs
- 1st phase of implementation DAO

END 2022- Torekko Scan
- Torekko Animapp
- Torekko Finance