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Torekko | TRK


Binance Smart Chain


CertiK, Zokyo, Hacken

Contract : 0xA2E3e2817F00822F3c1E71A604eCa4196Af923d6

Main utilities

Exchange gas

TRK tokens can serve as the “ecosystem gas” for the Torekko platform, meaning that it can be used to pay for transaction fees, such as trading fees and withdrawal fees. By using TRK tokens to pay for fees, users can receive discounts on the fees and potentially reduce their transaction costs on the platform.

Play utility token

The TRK token could be utilized within the Torekko metaverse and video game offerings as a form of in-game currency. Users could use TRK tokens to purchase virtual goods and services within the metaverse or video game, such as weapons, skins, or avatar upgrades. This can create an additional use case for TRK tokens and increase their utility value.

Exchange advantages

As the native token of the Torekko crypto exchange, TRK tokens can be used to access exclusive features on the platform, such as advanced trading tools, data analytics, and access to exclusive investment opportunities. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, TRK tokens can also be used to pay for trading fees on the platform, providing discounts for users.

Exclusive features

TRK tokens could be used to access exclusive features on the Torekko ecosystem, such as exclusive access to new products (Launchpads, special NFTs, …) and services or exclusive investment opportunities. This can incentivize users to hold TRK tokens and create demand for them.

DeFI rewards

Torekko could potentially offer decentralized finance (DeFi) rewards to TRK token holders who participate in staking or liquidity pools. By providing incentives to hold and stake TRK tokens, Torekko can potentially increase demand for them and create a more active and engaged community of token holders.

Other elements

TRK buyback

TRK token buyback mechanisms, set up by the Torekko company according to the performance of Torekko Exchange will be set up and specified at a later stage on and Torekko official social networks.

About TRK repartition

Incentive funds: 20%
Private sales & drops: 28.5%
Team: 15%
Play Incentive funds: 11%
Advisors and partners: 10.5%
Marketing: 10%
Exchange funds: 5%

How to buy TRK?

You will be able to buy TRK directly on the Torekko Exchange soon. In the meantime you can buy it in a decentralized way on PancakeSwap, more information in the FAQ on or on

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