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Tokenization of tickets, events and passes is a process that converts these products or services into digital tokens on a blockchain.

In few steps

Creating tokens

The first step is to create a specific number of tokens, each representing a ticket, an access to an event, or a pass. These tokens are created and stored on a blockchain.

Selling the tokens

Once the tokens are created, they are made available for sale. Customers can buy these tokens, which represent their right of entry to an event or their possession of a pass.

Use of tokens

Token holders can use their tokens to gain access to an event, use a pass, or for any other use specified by the token issuer.

Resale of Tokens

If conditions permit, token holders can sell their tokens to others. This provides greater flexibility for customers who cannot attend an event or use a pass, as they can resell their tokens rather than lose their investment.



A concert organizer could issue tokens representing tickets to a concert. Fans could buy these tokens to get their admission to the concert.

Professional conferences

An organizer of professional conferences could issue tokens representing passes to a conference. Attendees could purchase these tokens to gain access to the conference.

Season passes for a park

An amusement park could issue tokens representing season passes to the park. Customers could purchase these tokens to obtain their season pass.

Sports events

A professional sports team could issue tokens representing tickets to their games. Fans could purchase these tokens to obtain their game admission.

Service subscriptions

A video streaming company could issue tokens representing subscriptions to their service. Customers could purchase these tokens to obtain their subscription.

Main advantages

Increased Liquidity

Tokenization facilitates quick transactions and opens the market to more investors, thereby increasing liquidity.


Tokenization makes events & pass investing more accessible by allowing the purchase of small fractions of an asset.

Transparency and Security

Thanks to the blockchain, tokenization offers greater transparency of transactions and enhanced security.

You want to create and market your own tokenized assets?

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