Tokenization in the gaming world is using the blockchain to create tokens that represent items, characters, skills, or other elements of the game.

In few steps

Token creation

Game developers create tokens on a blockchain that represent different elements of the game, such as items, characters, skills, etc.

Token acquisition

Players can acquire these tokens by purchasing them, earning them in-game, or trading them with other players.

Use of tokens

Players can use their tokens in-game to access certain features, upgrade their characters, purchase items, etc.

Trading Tokens

Tokens can be exchanged between players, allowing for a player-to-player economy. Players can also sell their tokens on external markets to earn real money.


Game items

In games like “CryptoKitties”, each cat is a unique token on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can buy, sell, and breed these cats.

Gaming coins

In games like “Fortnite,” a tokenized in-game currency could replace traditional in-game currency, allowing players to earn in-game currency and spend it both in and out of the game.

Game characters

In role-playing games, each character could be a unique token, allowing players to own, upgrade, and sell their characters.

Game Rewards

Players could earn tokens as rewards for completing certain tasks or goals in the game.

Game Properties

In simulation games, players could purchase tokens representing in-game properties, such as houses, land, or businesses.

Main advantages

Increased Liquidity

Tokenization facilitates quick transactions and opens the market to more investors, thereby increasing liquidity.


Tokenization makes gaming investing more accessible by allowing the purchase of small fractions of an asset.

Transparency and Security

Thanks to the blockchain, tokenization offers greater transparency of transactions and enhanced security.

You want to create and market your own tokenized assets?

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