Mint RxJ in less than 2 days

The Airdrop Mint of the RomeoxJuliet collection by Torekko and Gonzo K.K. will take place on 10 December. Here’s what you need to know.

Torekko is currently launching the first officially licensed free mint, Romeo x Juliet, in collaboration with the Japanese animation studio Gonzo KK. The mint, in the form of Airdrop, is scheduled for December 10, on the Ethereum network.

PARIS, December 8th, 2022 — Announced a month ago, the official collection in partnership with Gonzo KK Animation Studios will be released on December 10. The collection will be distributed through the new mint standard designed by Torekko, the Airdrop Mint, which addresses many of the security, reliability, and selectivity issues of traditional mints.

The reveal of the official collection in partnership with the Japanese animation studio Gonzo KK is scheduled for December 13th. NFTs are hand-drawn by the mangakas of the original studios.

The wallets will each receive one NFT. Exchanges on OpenSea, the main NFT marketplace, will be available in the wake of the launch by Torekko before the reveal.

The deployment of the collection is done at Torekko’s expense, with no fee being asked to its community.

Project partners, selected influencers who participated in the collection, and the Torekko and Gonzo KK teams will receive 100 NFTs on the entire collection.

Torekko also announces the official release of its platform Torekko Discover, the platform that is your gateway to the world of Web3 entertainment.

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