Airdrop Mint

What is the Airdrop Mint, this new mint standard designed by Torekko, and used for its new RomeoxJuliet collection

Torekko is currently launching the first officially licensed free-mint, Romeo x Juliet, in collaboration with the Japanese animation studio Gonzo KK. The mint will take place on December 10th, in a new form.

PARIS, December 1st, 2022 — For its new free-mint collection in collaboration with Gonzo KK animation studios, the Web3 entertainment company Torekko announces a new type of mint for its future holders.

Intended to become a new mint standard for launching NFT collections, this type of mint solves the security, stability and selectivity problems caused by classic mints.

Based on the same principle as the Airdrop of cryptocurrencies, the Airdrop Mint system does not depend on a mint at a T time realized by the users. The contract designed by Torekko will send the NFTs directly to the selected wallets.

To avoid free riders taking NFTs and to be sure to reward real members, wallet selection will be based on engagement: the 1900 whitelisted users with the most messages on Discord will be notified before the mint that they will receive an NFT (100 NFTs from the entire supply are reserved for partners, influencers, and the Gonzo KK and Torekko teams).

For future holders, the Airdrop Mint allows them to remove mint fees (taken care of by the project, here Torekko), prevent mint bots in their place, avoid wallet drainers, and be rewarded for their commitment.

For projects, the Airdrop Mint allows to build a committed community by rewarding loyal members, to simplify contracts, to stabilize and predict their NFT sales, to avoid network fee fluctuations, to make upstream sales, and avoid FUD.

About Torekko

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